St.Claret High School is situated about 20 k.m. from Secunderabad on  N.H-7 to Nagpur at Athvelly in Medchal of R.R Dist at a spacious campus and seren atmosphere.

St.Claret High School Medchal

St. Anthony Mary Claret was born in Catalonia, the northeastern corner of Spain, in a town called Sallent on December 23, 1807. He was the fifth son of Juan Claret and Josefa Clará's eleven children.


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1. School fees will be charged for 12 months. The school fees for February and March have to be paid in
   February. School fees for April  and May will be collected in March.
2. The school fee amound is fixed by the Management and is subjected to periodic revision.
3. The fees should be paid from 4th to 10th of every month. A late fee of Rs. 10/- per month will be collected
    from the defaulters.(i.e.,from 11-14-of every month).Before 4th and after 14 th of the month, fees will not
    be accepted .All dues should be cleared before each terminal examination.
4. Students will not be allowed to sit for any of the Tests or Examinations until all fees due to the school are
    paid upto date.Habitual delay in payment may cause the students to be sent home at their own risk.


1. Students should study their lessons daily and do the home work regularly and  come to the class only after
    revising the lessons taught on the previous day.
2. All the students should get their progress reports after the unit tests and the terminal examination, signed by
    their parents or guardians within two days.
3. Promotion is decided on the basis of the whole year's performance of the pupil.Monthly tests, teminal
    examinationsm, home work records, handwriting , etc.,will be taken in to consideration.
4. Answer papers of all test papers should be signed by parent/ guardian.
5. The class leaders are responsible for silence and order in the class.
6. The students whose parents behave impolitely with the teachers or school authority, will not be allowed to
    continue in the school.