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St.Claret High School Medchal

St.Claret High School strives to form intellectually competent, professionally skilled, spiritually evolved, morally upright, , socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens, through holistic Claretian Education for the creation of a civilization of love.
St.Anthony Mary Claret
Our Patron
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Created by Martin Joseph Claret Nivas Medchal


St.Claret High School is situated about 20 k.m. from Secunderabad on  N.H-7 to Nagpur at  Medchal of R.R A.P. at aspacious campus and serene atmosphere.

Online Practice Section

Question1:The hepatic portal vein carries blood from the stomach and the intestine into the__________
Qusstion 2:Injections fo insulin are prescribed to the patients of
Qusstion 3:The ________ of the heart pumps the blood up to the lungs only.
Qusstion 4:Which blood vessel carries blook from all parts of the body to the heart?
Qusstion 5:Thyroxine contains-bromine, chlorine,fluorine or iodine?
Qusstion 6:Normal blood pressure(BP) in a 25-year- old man in_________mmHg.
Qusstion 7:The lack of which hormone resultsin dwarfism
Qusstion 8:Erepsin is an enzyme contained in ____juice
Qusstion 9:Invertase is an enzyme present in the _______
Qusstion 10:The bile duct carries bile from the liver to the __________