St.Claret High School is situated about 20 k.m. from Secunderabad on  N.H-7 to Nagpur at Athvelly in Medchal of R.R Dist at a spacious campus and seren atmosphere.

St.Claret High School Medchal

St. Anthony Mary Claret was born in Catalonia, the northeastern corner of Spain, in a town called Sallent on December 23, 1807. He was the fifth son of Juan Claret and Josefa Clará's eleven children.

General Regulations

1.   The right to admission is wholly reserved to the Management.
2.   Pupils seeking admission will have to sit for an entrance test.No pupil will be admitted to 1st standard unless        Nursery course of two years in English Medium is completed.
3.  Age of admission to Lower Nursery class is 3 years 10 months and for 1st Standard is 5 years 10months as on 10th June.
4.  Misbehavior , cruelty towards other children , irregular attendance, disobedience or disrespect to reahers,habitual ideleness, steling etc., are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.
5.   Parents who wish to withdraw a student from the school must submit an application written and signed by them.
6.  Application for T.C at the end of the academic year should reach the office before 24th of April.
7.   No Transfer Certificate will be issued until the student has paid all dues or arrears to the school.
8.   Children leaving the school should pay the fees for the holiday months in the academic year.
9.   Students must keep all the certificates safely.No duplicate T.C will be issued.
10.  No T.C will be issued during holidays or vacations.

Admission & Withdrawals

School Discipline

1.  The school uniform is to be worn on all working days.Defaulting this rule is punishable with fine or denial of
     attendance in the class.Cleanliness of person and clothes is expected of every child.Those who come to school  
     with untidy dress, hair, etc., will be refused admission into the class.
2.  Pupils must be in their class rooms by the first bell at 9:10 a.m.At the second bell, on the days when there is  
     school assembly , all should march in silence to the place assigned to their respective class on the ground.
     On the third bell all sand up for prayer.
3.  Class room is a sacred   place and talking in the class is forbidden.
4.  The school and its surrounding and all things should be kept neat and tidy.
5.  Any damage caused to the school, toys and other appliances and equipments, will be made good from those
6.  The school is not responsible for the loss of books, pens, pencils,umbrellas,money, and other things.Pupils are 
     not allowed to wear ornaments of gold in the school.
7.  Students are forbidden from indulging in quarrels of any kind.
8.  Students are expected to be honest in all their dealings and well mannered in conversation.
9.  Students should never forget to wish  'Good morning","Good afternoon","as the case may be , to their teachers 
     and to other respectable persons or elders.They also should greet one another.
10. Students should never scream or shout or howl or make whistling noises in the school.
11. Students should always speak English in the school,if violated, disciplinary penalty will be imposed.
12. Religious instruction classes for catholic students and moral classes for all students will be conducted.
13. While students walk through the Verandaor take the steps, the rrule is KEEP LEFT.

Absence And Leave

1.  Students will not be granted leave for social functions.
2.  When an absence is unavoidable due to sickness leave application duly signed by parents should be brought the
    next day
3.  Any student absenting without leave application for 15 consecutive days will be removed form the rolls.
4.  During the school hours pupils are not allowed to leave the school campus without the permission of the
5.  Only for grave reasons will children be allowed to leave the school during class hours. In such cases the parents
     will have to come personally to take the children or they should send someone responsible with a letter singned
    by them.
6.  Medical certificates should be produced if a pupil is absent for more than a week due to illness.

Educational Tour

All students are expected to take part in the educational tour and other cultural programmes arranged by the school.

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